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They are in a warm environment with security, systematic care and cleanliness.


Children spend happy and creative moments with a balanced educational program.


Daily activities that develop academic and social skills.


Everyday activities develop the child’s academic abilities


A program specifically designed to prepare the child for the school environment.

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Kids Creative Time & Activities

To “oti agapo” puts its emphasis on quality- with respect to the needs of children and their families. Our classes have a small number of children per team & superb infrastructure – we always invest, to further improve our offering and we’re never complacent!

Our Values

We intend “oti agapo” to be a perfect place for children! We aspire to achieve this based on values, such as respect, honesty and open communication.
Our goal is to be an organization which offers the highest possible services to children and their families, who entrust them to our care and we understand the magnitude of our responsibility! We make sure that our colleagues and our partners share the same principles and work to fulfill the same objectives.

Exercise and Health

From the moment a child is born, the perceptual abilities of the body grow so that, whenever the senses -smelling, hearing, and vision- interact with the sense of touch, various internal processes are being implemented in response to those stimuli.
These processes help our growing child to shape all necessary understanding of the outside world. Thus, a child is trying to process all personal experiences with his senses.

Kids Creative Time & Activities

Our goal is to strengthen and facilitate children and parents. Through activities, children learn their bodies, come in contact with their feelings, learn to co-ordinate, collaborate, develop their imagination and creativity. The programs are also educational. Children learn while playing.

Educational Visits

The creative process of educational visits promotes experiential teaching and is an effective approach to knowledge and development in general.

With this process, children become motivated, their own judgment is awakened, their experiences are enriched, and they develop their creativity and overall cultivation.

Children's Gym "Filia"

How would you feel if you are between 1 and 8 years old and:

  • You entered the specially designed area of the Gymnasium “Filia”
  • Every time you have been doing different activities
  • Laugh, relax
  • You left with a sense of freedom and stimulation
  • You felt, the next day your body was tired, powerful, full of energy …

KDAP (Center for the Creative Employment of Children)

The KDAP “Oti agapo” is a state-certified educational structure for the creative exploitation of children’s free time.

  • Remedial Teaching
  • Sport
  • Art Exhibitions / Painting
  • Theatrical education / acting
  • theatrical play
  • Music
  • Music-kinetic activities

The purpose of “Oti agapo”, through the various actions proposed by the parent, is to inspire the expression of creativity and to help the child’s personality develop well. With respect and inspiration to the needs of our young friends, we suggest you the new action of “Oti agapo”: “Theatrical Playhouse”.

With inspiration and respect for the needs of our young friends, we created our art workshop! We cultivate love for art. We focus on passing children well while learning to paint with various techniques and developing their talents and skills.

From June 15th to August 31st, there is a wonderful world of creation, sports and expression where preschool and elementary school children can entertain, inspire and enrich their knowledge. In a safe and controlled environment, with the oversight of qualified personnel.

CHILDREN “on the move”

An alternative approach to sports through play, which is the natural process of emotional development of a child.


An extremely entertaining program that combines muscular empowerment with play while playing indirectly an important role in properly shaping and developing the relationship between child and parent.

“Oti agapo” believes that everyone can contribute to a better world and that is what we are trying to achieve with sustainable play. The child experiences and actively and creatively participates in the development and evolution of the game, while playing it taught the value of protection and respect for nature.

“Oti agapo” since its founding, inspires and is inspired by innovation and change, through our games and our philosophy.

Children’s transportation takes place upon agreement, either with parental responsibility and care, or with our school bus that meets all the legal requirements, both with regard to the vehicle and the appropriate experienced driver and escorts.

Our first priority is the safety of children and you may rest assured we are trying to do everything to serve the parents’ daily agenda.

Special seats , safety belts, for safe transportation of children

What parents say


Through activities such as painting, music, cinema, design, construction and theater, we aim to develop the imagination and mobility of the child. The specially designed programs of “Oti agapo” are aimed at highlighting the visual, social and artistic skills of children as well as the development of creativity, the cultivation of self-esteem and the strengthening of their independence.

All those who are actively engaged in “Oti Agapo” are highly trained social workers and kindergartens with extensive experience in teaching and creative childcare. They take care of the small protagonists of your life with respect and love. Our spacious, bright, colorful and warm spaces are packed with quality educational games offering joy and creativity in a spirit of teamwork.

Months Old
Class Size
Baby Room

The children process their experiences trying to discover and understand the world.

Months Old
Class Size
Infant’s Room

Children shape their imagination through artistic activity, we ensure teaching is fun and interesting.

Months Old
Class Size
Pre-infant Room

The perception, exploration and creative activities of a child are closely linked to the understanding of the world.

Months Old
Class Size
Art Gallery

The children, drawing, give shape to what they have perceived and understood. We see the plan as a means of thinking, getting stimuli to express themselves.



  • Swimming in the sea
  • Athletic activities
  • Painting / visual arts
  • Music
  • Handmade
  • Theatrical play
  • Cultivation of knowledge
  • Table games

An alternative approach to sports through play, which is the natural process of emotional development of a child. Children do what they should and what they know best to do … play! Through the game they shape sports education and develop multidimensional characters.

An extremely entertaining program that combines muscular empowerment with play while playing indirectly an important role in properly shaping and developing the relationship between child and parent. Their fun and collaboration through exercise will develop a positive attitude towards exercise and will increase the chances of exercising throughout their lives.

The purpose of the Filia Gym is to introduce children to the concept of sport through what children know best – joy and play! The children come into contact with many different sports and their parents, who participate and share the joy with them!
The programs take place in the closed and fully equipped “Filia” gym.

In Oti agapo our priority is the Children’s Education, Respect, Love and Care of your children



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The nursery is a reality in the life of the child and the family and a very important step in the life of both.

Fairytale feast in Oti agapo

we will be transformed into several fairy-tale characters, we will play, dance, paint and sing!