«A child who reads, is an adult who ‘thinks’ »

Children’s lending  library

We strive to encourage, support and promote children’s familiarity with all aspects of the language, related to both spoken as well as written word.

In this effort, the exploitation of children’s literature, which, beyond the joy, aesthetic emotion and the child’s initiation into values, also contributes to its linguistic development, can be very important.

Developing fantasy and role play by children is just as important

The purpose of the children’s lending library is to familiarize the child with the book. It is especially important for children to learn to love the book and the gradual consolidation of a friendly relationship with the book.
A key role for the realization of our program is the cooperation of parents.

Every Friday, children choose and take with them the book they read (or their parents want to read) at weekends, and on Monday the book will be returned to school.

Our aim is to teach children how to use the book without destroying it and being responsible for it. The book does not spoil, paint, tear, cut, destroy. Activity is accomplished through painting or other activity.

The child, after reading his book, is asked to paint what made him more impressed or liked than the book he read or read a while ago. It is also a perfect opportunity to discuss the issue of history, character sentiments,

It is commonly accepted that the first contact of the child with the book should begin early, from a very young age. Adult mediation in the early stages of child’s contact with the book is particularly important and the role of parents and then teacher is crucial.

Children and Kindergarten set the foundation for shaping future reading behavior and cultivating it.