The Creative Process of Excursions Promotes Experiential Teaching and the Interdisciplinary Approach to Knowledge

With this process, the interest of children is mobilized, their judgment is awakened, their experiences are enriched, their creativity and their multifaceted cultivation developed. In “Oti agapo” we have a plethora of excursions and educational visits in our program.!

The memories of school trips are among the most well-known in this child-friendly age, mainly because they are a pleasant break in the school’s routine for both schoolchildren and pedagogues. Although their purpose is mainly educational, they are also an exciting experience for those who are involved.







The goals are multiple


The excursion can enhance teaching around a topic within the classroom and help children understand the issue better. B.C. we visit museums as well as fire brigade or shops, confectioneries, sightseeing, walking in the countryside, on the beach, discussing etc.


Teachers convert educational trips into portable classrooms, teaching children to collect data, then discuss a related topic, or do a job based on what they learned during the trip.

Recall to memory

Exciting memories are formed in educational trips that help children recall information for a long time.

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New Attractions

When their children and teachers are together out of class, new educational environments and experiences are possible. Students may have the opportunity to observe many things that are not available at school, animals, plants, means of transport, and we are discussing the educational trip in advance because it allows students to know what they will encounter during their time away from school. School trips are carried out by safe means of transport.


Transferring students to a new environment gives them the experience of group travel and teaches them to respect the places they visit. Interact with people outside school and family.

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Exposure to new stimuli

Children have the opportunity to visit a new place that they have not visited before in the past. This can prove to be very beneficial for students who do not have the opportunity to travel frequently.

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Students taking part in educational trips discover that they want to learn more about the subject of the educational trip.

Oti agapo Kid's Station in Corfu


It does not matter how important it is for children to learn only during an educational trip, their beloved memory can be based on the enjoyment of the day and the friendship with their friends. Getting away from school for a day or even a few hours is always exciting for kids, and excursions are always welcome.

Informal Learning Environment

Educational trips provide valuable educational opportunities away from the classroom, without the use of books and other tools used in the normal school environment. Students on educational trips can often learn while having fun in a more informal setting.

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Excursions with parenting.

An important goal is to make two-day / three-day excursions involving parents and children. In addition to the above benefits for children, parents are also given the opportunity to communicate / develop and develop social ties with each other. Apart from the fun between the families, we come in close contact with nature, in places inside and outside of Kerkyra, we walk and reap new experiences!

Oti agapo Kid's Station in Corfu
“Oti agapo” has a full, qualitative, expanded, experiential and contemporary educational program.