K.D.A.P ( Creative Center for children )


The KDAP «oti agapo»  is a state-certified educational structure for the creative exploitation of children’s free time.

Our aim: As a direct aim we have the creative employment of children with educational activities in our specially designed and certified area, with the guidance of qualified and experienced staff.

K.D.A.P «oti agapo»

The KDAP «oti agapo» is a multi-purpose venue where children aged 5-12 can work creatively in non-school hours. There children can meet friends and communicate with them through the common experience of creation. KIDAP’s main goal, “What I Love”, is that children enjoy rich stimuli that broaden their mental and cognitive horizons and help preserve their authenticity by offering them a wide range of activities to creatively harness the leisure time of our little friends.

For that purpose, we focus on five pillars of activity:

  • Reinforcement Teaching (Daily preparation of next day school lessons) – phillagognosis. We show the way – the child follows him alone!
  • Sports – Through this program they learn to trust themselves and their strengths and to shape sports education through the game.
  • Art Exhibitions / Painting – We cultivate love for art. We focus on passing children well while learning to paint with various techniques and developing their talents and skills. Children will love it!
  • Theatrical education / acting / theatrical play – Introduction to theatrical art in a playful way. Strengthening children’s self-confidence and their ability to develop their speech and feelings in front of a public (third party). Creating a Theatrical Group.
  • Music and Musical-Music Activities. – We give children the opportunity to explore musical streets with various activities. Music fights the lack of concentration and helps in the development of intelligence.

The KDAP “oti agapo” is housed in a modern and fully equipped space designed according to the defined technical safety and hygiene standards.

Families, voucher recipients from the National Strategic Reference Framework of EETAA: Action “Harmonization of family and professional life”, participate in the actions of KDAP free of charge using the voucher!

Theatrical circles

Theatrical Playhouse at the Center for Creative Child Care «oti agapo»

The purpose of «oti agapo», through the various actions proposed by the parent, is to inspire the expression of creativity and to help the child’s personality develop well. With respect and inspiration to the needs of our young friends, we suggest you the new action of «oti agapo»: «Theatrical Playhouse».

The game is always a basic activity in the child’s life. We introduce children to the theatrical art in a playful way. Strengthening children’s self-confidence and their ability to develop their speech and feelings in front of a public (third party). The free and spontaneous action of the child in the play helps to develop healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Especially in the context of the theatrical play, and under the guidance of the teacher, the child learns to trust and develop his imagination, transforming it into emotional and physical expression, primarily confident in his mental, physical and emotional memory. All of the above within a small group of friends – partners, also bring the benefit of harmonious development of the ability to co-operate, self-discipline, retreat, patience and respect for the personality of the other. Finally, through the theatrical play and as the child overcomes – with the support and guidance of the teacher – his suspensions, he develops valuable self-esteem and self-esteem. There will be 3 departments for children A and B of Primary / Grade C and Primary and E and Six Primary. The actor-director Natalia Kapodistrias takes over the action “Theater Workshop”.

Please contact us for full details.

The world of art

The aim of the KDAP,«oti agapo», through the varied actions proposed by the parent, is to inspire the expression of creativity and to help develop the child’s personality smoothly.

With inspiration and respect for the needs of our young friends, we created our art workshop! We cultivate love for art. We focus on passing children well while learning to paint with various techniques and developing their talents and skills. Children will love it!

The painter / artist, Natalia Corfu, undertakes the action “Visual Arts Workshop”, while it is primarily aimed at children aged 5-12.

“a healthy mind in a healthy  body



Sports program for children’s gym “filia”

How would you feel if you are between 1 and 8 years of age and:

  • You were in the specially designed area of the Gymnasium “filia”
  • Every time you have been doing different activities
  • You laughed, you were exhausted, you relaxed…
  • You left with a sense of freedom and stimulation
  • You felt, the next day your body was tired, powerful, full of energy…

See below what we have prepared for this purpose!


From June 15th to August 31st, there is a wonderful world of creation, sports and expression where preschool and elementary school children can entertain, inspire and enrich their knowledge. In a safe and controlled environment, with the supervision and encouragement of specialized staff, children unfold themselves, discover new activities, make new friends or meet old ones again, play pleasantly, play!

Activities include: swimming at sea, athletic activities, painting / art, music, handmade constructions, play, knowledge, table games and more !!!

CHILDREN "on the move"

An alternative approach to sports through play, which is the natural process of emotional development of a child. Children do what they should and what they know best to do … play! Through the game they shape sports education and develop multidimensional characters.


An extremely entertaining program that combines muscular empowerment with play while playing indirectly an important role in properly shaping and developing the relationship between child and parent. Their fun and collaboration through exercise will develop a positive attitude towards exercise and will increase the chances of exercising throughout their lives.

The purpose of the Filia Gym is to introduce children to the concept of sport through what children know best – joy and play! The children come into contact with many different sports and their parents, who participate and share the joy with them!
The programs take place in the closed and fully equipped “Filia” gym.

We are addressing:

Ages schedules:

a) 3-5 Junior on the move. Integrated sports program for children aged 3-5 years lasting one school year. During her, children learn most of the Olympic events through the natural process of emotional development for a child, the game. As a result, children not only acquire practical knowledge of the various sports but learn information about them by acquiring an integrated athletic culture through joy. Through emotion and joy, our young athletes absorb too quickly information of “junior on the move”. In this period they are preparing to build confidence and confidence, realizing that they can do everything in the sport. This is what positive statements make at the end of each lesson that is part of their education.

b) 1-6 Family on the move. What’s more beautiful, growing up your child to have shared experiences of laughter and exercise with you! We can help you do it!

In this program, we are all children and we are all free to untie and share the development of positive emotions.
Of course, you will work out and develop a totally different relationship to what you have been up to now. But the main thing is that you will create a deep knowledge of your child, of his importance to be in touch with his body, his feeling, his being.
Workout with joy, play and laughter!

c) 6-8 Sports on the go. The children do what they have to do … what they are!

But most importantly, through this program, they learn to trust themselves and their strengths and form a sporting culture through the game.
Activities are designed in such a way that children engage in sports that encourage flexibility, rhythm, confidence, emotional balance, neuromuscular attachment and altitude, while building a healthy mind and body. It is the right time to allow your child to interact with different events through joy and play.
At this stage of his or her life, the child must be contacted and contacted with a lot of sports information rather than being specialized. Children are introduced to popular and non-sports events such as basketball, hockey, speeds, jump in lengths and obstacles, with much love and respect, and in general the basic principles of sports and sports. This allows trainers to identify the athletic inclinations of their children and their talents.

Sustainable Game

New, Afternoon, Activity in «oti agapo» 

Our beloved parents,

«oti agapo »  since its founding, inspires and inspires innovation and change, through our games and our philosophy.

In the context of our ongoing research into new ways of quality entertainment (in the real sense of the word), fun and socialization of children, we have invested in a number of wooden toys of the leading company in the genre, PlanToys.

This year, we want to go one step closer to sustainable play. We try to instill the value of sustainability in all his actions of«oti agapo ».

Part of our mission is to help children exhaust the room for exploration, learning and fun at every stage of their development, as all Plan Toys games are designed to be multifunctional so the game continues and adjusts.

«oti agapo » believes that everyone can contribute to a better world and that is what we are trying to achieve with sustainable play. the child experiences and participates actively and creatively in the development and evolution of the game, while playing it taught the value of protection and respect for nature.

Children from the moment they perceive the environment play. The game is the major source of stimuli for them, and according to psychologists it is a determining activity for their psycho-emotional development. The child after three years of age starts to play in a different way more symbolic and using his imagination more. Our activity is aimed at children aged 3-5 years. With the oversight of qualified staff and the well-known quality of work “I Love”, we will focus on creating an innovative learning and entertaining environment through “creative play” with the help of Plan Toys games.

In a sustainable game, the child with his imagination transforms various objects into something else that he wants. In the symbolic play the child recreates the various situations he has experienced in his everyday life, imitating the larger people.

We will show, in our hospitable environment, the seemingly paradoxical coexistence of freedom and constraints on the development of activity.

Through the game we draw a wealth of evidence from the reality of both the child and his social background and we simulate relationships that develop in everyday life, in the “real” world and in the interactions we all look at.