Meet “oti agapo’s” Preschool & Kindergarten

Because a good beginning never ends!
κολαζ φωτογραφιων

“oti agapo” is a modern Preschool Center for children aged 4 to 6 years, providing students with quality education with a comprehensive, expanded, experiential and modern educational program based on the detailed curriculum determined by the Ministry of Education.

Based on our long-term experience in the field of Preschool education, we have created a warm, comfortable, safe and welcoming school environment. In this environment our students feel welcome, learn and develop in a climate of joy, creativity, respect and enthusiasm.

A school open to global society and the local community.

Our main concern is our students and the central purpose of our school is their all-round development, with the aim of cultivating values, a positive attitude, abilities and skills that will gradually lead them to the acquisition of knowledge and their future school success.

The planning of the Educational Project is done according to the Analytical Curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten and the activities developed in the classroom are planned and implemented according to the Interdisciplinary Unified Curriculum.

Our thematic approaches are drawn from the children’s interests and include activities from all subjects such as: Language, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Environmental Studies, Physical Education, Art Education, Music Education, Theater Education, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).

The introduction of English in the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten program of “oti agapo”on oral language, learning through play, and experiential activities connected to the rest of the subjects. Our program is designed to meet the needs of the preschool age, to encourage all children to actively participate in the learning process, to provide opportunities for each child to approach knowledge in many, diverse and creative ways.

In “oti agapo” the concepts of child and play are inextricably linked and the learning process goes through the process of play. Through games of introduction, cooperation, communication, discovery of space, musical and traditional, children use their senses and acquire essential knowledge that has personal value and meaning.

For the best development of the educational process, we use in the classroom media and materials such as: literature, poetry, mythology, appropriate educational materials, pleasant interactive activities, puppet theater, visual creations, dramatization, experiment, board games, audio-visual means and materials, STE(A)M educational approach and the use of ICT

Every day in the school premises, a fully equipped and modern gym operates, where children have the opportunity to come into contact with many different sports and learn knowledge through movement, through the natural process of emotional development, achieving elementary and fundamental movements.

Based on the fact that “LOVE” affects the psycho-emotional development and development of children, the Music Education Program called “LOVE” forms the core of the daily educational activities of our departments.

The school operates a weekly lending library, the purpose of which is to familiarize the child with books and their love for literature.

In the summer at our school, the kindergarten groups enjoy many baths, have an amazing time and create beautiful memories with their friends and classmates in the sea, since swimming in the sea has been established in the weekly program of the students and the fun in the water does not stop.

In the educational programming of “oti agapo” cooking & pastry workshops are held, where our students, transformed into little chefs, put on cooking hats and aprons and learn to cook a recipe from start to finish as a form of play or discovery.

An integral part of the annual educational project of “oti agapo” and a key pillar of education at our school are the educational trips inside and outside Corfu (Christmas Trip, Spring Trip), and educational visits (such as to the Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu, to the orchard of “oti agapo” for kumquat, or at “Patouni” soap factory), essential elements in the learning process, aimed at group activity, cooperation, communication as well as the acquaintance of children and families with each other.

In “oti agapo” we incorporate the values of respect for the environment (e.g. recycling) and sustainable development in everything we do. We make sure to sensitize children and their families to issues related to the human-made and natural environment and to transmit to them a love for nature and man.

We surround the children with a large team of cooperating specialties such as: Pediatrician / Pediatric dentist, Child psychologist, Music teacher, Gymnasts, Family counselor, Special educators for visual applications, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), theatrical play, etc.

Parents and educators are ‘companions’ on the preschool journey of each child.

Each holiday (Halloween, the Corfu Venetian Carnival, Christmas, Easter), national holidays (October 28th, March 25th), the change of seasons (Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer) are educational opportunities for us and the children of “oti agapo”. We also value the celebration of World Days (Health, Family, Earth, Mother and Father, Environment, Savings, Valentine’s Day, Third Age, International Museum Day, World Greek Language Day, Children’s Book Day, Bee, Animals, Car Free Day). At our school we offer opportunities to participate in performances and children’s musicals, local actions and events, such as our participation in the “Let’s go to the Port” Contest, in competitions, such as the 9th Reading Marathon (our students edited 3 children’s illustrated fairy tales with the theme: “All different, all equal”), our distinction in the Bravo Schools 2021 contest with the participation of “The River in the neighborhood of the school” in the Global Goal “Life in the water” and the Radio Message & Song Contest “Make it heard 2020 ”, (where the song of the Free students of our kindergarten entitled “Kiss of Life” won the first prize in the Song category), at the same time we organize reading friend’s days, among other things. The visual creations of our students with pencils, temperas, brushes, watercolor techniques, collages, inspired by nature, fairy tales, works of great artists decorate our school and our virtual gallery. Every beginning has its end and every year with a sentimentally moving and at the same time happy graduation evening, our kindergarten students fly away, on other journeys… of knowledge and discovery. I love, play, create, learn in “oti agapo”. 
On a differebt topic, the extraordinary conditions due to the covid19 pandemic have created a new reality both for us and for our children and families. We responded to the new needs of education and communication with a good mood, continuous training, organization and optimism. Our main concern is the effortless contact with the children, the continuation of the educational work, the most effective operation in the midst of a pandemic and the personal, pedagogical and psychological awakening of our students. During the suspensions, our school immediately adapted to the new conditions and with the new school year, we started teleconferences with families, so that we can follow our annual planning as faithfully as possible. We have enhanced asynchronous education by sharing educational materials both in kindergarten and in our younger age groups and by looking for the most appropriate uses of ICT that are consistent with the developmental characteristics of students, we have focused on providing opportunities for rich learning activities. In the context of the modern distance education (tele-education) of our kindergarten students, we organized our own tele-schools in a friendly and ‘warm’ online environment that was filled every day with happy, educational and creative moments, smiles and endless love. We will continue to adapt, to the best of our ability, to whatever challenge comes our way!