I love, I play, I create, I learn. We teach children to love ‘ learning! ’

The “oti agapo” creates an environment where children can be safe, happy and motivated to learn. Staff are trained to actively listen and support children. There is always an open hug for all our children! 

The Center of Preschool Education, Creation and Expression “Oti agapo” started its operation in 2009. Its purpose was and remains to become a center away from obsolete and stereotypical structures that still dominate today. It is a center that has as its principles:

The uniqueness of the temperament and character of each child and his family. The development of the child is a complex process involving the communication and interaction of children with educators, the family and with each other.

This commitment also has to do with how babies and young children communicate with each other as well as with those around them. Everything is very capable of learning and doing it very quickly and in various, wonderful ways. These are a combination of genetic factors and the environment in which they are located. We naturally give weight to the second, without ignoring any particularities required by the former. Each child is unique and deserves unique care and attention!

The “Oti agapo” cooperates with :

  • Pediatrician
  • Pediatric Dentist
  • Pediatric psychologist
  • Music & Dance Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Speech Therapist & Occupational Therapist
  • Family Counsel
  • Additional experienced teachers for visual applications, drama plays, etc.


Healthy mind in a healthy body. Gymnastics also help the child’s emotional development.


Childhood is interwoven with play in a climate of joy, warmth and security.


A child’s diet is one of the most important factors in its proper development.


We provide comprehensive pedagogical coverage by welcoming your child from an infant to our Kindergarten (licensed by the Ministry of Education).


With long term service and valuable experience in the field of education.


Children use their senses and acquire essential knowledge that has personal value and meaning.


Our culture and Values

We intend “oti agapo”  to be a perfect place for children!  We aspire to achieve this based on values, such as respect, honesty and open communication. Our goal is to be an organization which offers the highest possible services to children and their families, who entrust them to our care and we understand the magnitude of our responsibility! We make sure that our colleagues and our partners share the same principles and work to fulfill the same objectives.

Our Values

We strongly believe that the thing which differentiates “oti agapo” significantly from other schools is not just what we do but rather how we do it!

The five core values of “oti agapo” determine how we work and form the cornerstone of our culture and our way of work.They help us redefine the way of our daily work and our response to various requirements!

Unforgettable experience for children and families!

Everyone in “oti agapo” is part of our effort for children to enjoy a wonderful experience while attending our school. By trying to understand their needs and desires we aim for their greater satisfaction.We are responsible for our operation as a whole, as well as each one individually, to fulfill our commitments.

Together, we achieve more!

The results reflect positively on children when we work together, consistently. This applies to all at “oti agapo”. We work, with our skilled associates and you, the parents, to achieve the best possible results. We believe that an environment conducive to collaboration of people with different backgrounds, experiences, education, etc. is an environment rich and more efficient; it is an environment that fosters individual expression and the development of each child. We communicate openly, responsibly and without innuendo with the parents and one another. We say what we believe and we believe what we say!

We keep on trying and we innovate!

We’re never complacent. We always ensure that we’re aware and practicing of what’s latest in the education and care science, since we believe that in this way we ensure not only our current but also our future success. We never accept statements like “since everyone is doing it this way it must be correct”, but we are working on«how we can do better?».

We act with integrity and understanding!

Understanding and integrity are our guides in our relationship / behavior towards children and their families who entrust them to “oti agapo”. The same spirit is embodied in the relations between educators and/or associates of  “oti agapo” It has to do with our commitment to be honest, clear and to  “do the right thing.” We inspire trust by having the courage to speak the truth, as we feel it to be.

Our spaces & the staff

Space and time for physical and artistic activity (please visit the relevant parts of our website).

The facilities of our school meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations related to our business.

Each and everyone at “oti agapo” has a role in making school attendance a memorable experience for children and parents. This includes actively listening, communicating and understanding, before taking decisions that affect the experience we want to offer.

Physical and mental safety of children is our top priority!

“oti agapo” is committed to having and maintaining excellent conditions when it comes to safety and hygiene, primarily for the children, but also for parents and staff. We do our best to ensure:

an environment which is always clean and safe for children – healthy, nutritious and fresh food.

Environmental awareness

The “oti agapo” is determined to incorporate the values of respect for the environment, recycling and sustainable development in everything that we do. We make sure that we transmit our love for nature and environmental education to the children and families of “oti agapo”.

Our places

Our desire was, from the start, to create a warm, functional, friendly venue, designed especially for small children. We wanted to ensure that we create, a“home away from home”for the children entrusted to us.

That’s why we’ve built a daycare center, kindergarten and nursery from scratch!


We’ve created, with great care and passion, a second home for the children.

Venus are bright, painted with pleasant, bright, yet soft colors, it is ready to   safely accommodate your children!

The “ό,τι αγαπώ” has a full, qualitative, expanded, experiential and contemporary educational program.